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SAVE HUNDREDS of Dollars in on-line mailing fees.
Purchase in confidence with our special No Risk Purchase Guarantee


Contactor Elite is a multi-user email autoresponder for your web site with a lot of unique features not found in any other system that will take all of the effort out of delivering an email marketing service.


Automatically handle new trial account sign-up's, PayPal subscription payments, Account activation/deactivation, Load balancing, Quota Management, User Permissions and lot's more. For your multi-user email service requirements - Contactor Elite™ is the perfect system for you.


We make it even easier with our built-in HTML editor which will help you and your customers to create great looking emails in minutes - NO more messing about with specialist web design or File Transfer software.


Your messages can be delivered either as a sequence of timed messages in an autoresponder or a one-time broadcast of a newsletter. Your subscribers also have the choice of how they would like to receive your messages, whether it be Plain Text, HTML or RSS feed.

Excellent Support

We offer excellent support through our dedicated members only wesite which contains lots of great information and our support ticket system - should you need it. Just take a look at some of our testimonials on this page to see what our customers say about our excellent support service.

Product Features Summary

  • Create unlimited accounts/logins
  • Re-brand to your own design
  • Offer multiple service plans
  • Create great looking emails in seconds with built in HTML editor
  • 100% deliverability
  • Send emails in all formats, Plain Text, HTML, Multi Part and RSS
  • Messages can be personalized with over 80 different variables
  • Ultra fast email sending
  • Written in PHP using MySQL database
  • Unlimited autoresponders and follow ups
  • Optional double opt-in function
  • Highly customizable
  • Send single messages
  • Timed sending of emails
  • Powerful subscriber filtering and sending
  • Supports file attachments
  • Subscription Form Generator
  • Unsubscribe function by link, form or email
  • Subscribe/unsubscribe notifications
  • Daily activity reports by email
  • Custom fields
  • Advanced click tracking and reporting
  • Bounced message handling
  • Email send rate throttling
Why pay hundreds of dollars to on-line email companies ?

Built-in HTML Editor

Create great looking emails with
our built-in HTML editor. Upload
and manage the graphics used
in your emails.

Upload graphics, flash movies etc.
for use in your emails.

100% Deliverability

With Contactor Elite™ you can guarantee 100% deliverability of your important messages by using the RSS delivery system.

All formats supported

Whether you want to send your email autoresponder in a quick and simple plain text email, a beautifully designed HTML email or a Multi-part email incorporating HTML and Plain Text the choice is yours with Contactor Elite™.

Powerful Personalization

With an amazing 80+ possible personalization fields you can customize your emails with details from your business profile, subscriber record, custom subscriber fields and a number of extra fields including time and date formats of subscription, autoresponder details.

More Power and Flexibility

Contactor Elite™ accepts subscriptions, automatically follows up, and manages all your email marketing campaigns 24 x 7, whether you’re online or not.

You will have all the tools you need to run highly effective, permission-based email marketing campaigns, right from your own web site.

Power with control

Contactor Elite™ allows you to create an unlimited number of autoresponders, each with an unlimited number of follow-up messages. If you need to get your message delivered in a hurry then the powerful one off broadcast facility lets you send a campaign quickly and easily. Contactor Elite™ works for you all day, and all night - never missing a subscriber or follow-up deadline.

Marketing Optimization

Contactor Elite™ allows you to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing spend by allowing you to measure which of your ads pulled the most subscribers. Contactor Elite™ automatically tracks where your subscriptions come from and can show custom confirmation pages depending on subscription source.

Handle the load

Contactor Elite™ has a number of features which help ensure that the load on your web site never exceeds its capacity. This is important as a lot of other email autoresponder systems will try to send more emails than your server can handle and the result of this is that your web site may become unavailable, go very slow or potentially bring your whole system to a halt.

Data Security and Integrity

Your data is held on your own web site or server giving full access when you need it. Backups can be scheduled on a daily basis and you can specify how many days backups you want the system to retain - so you can recover data from several days back if you need to.

Other features include..

  • Automatically or manually de-duplicate your subscriber list
  • Automatically manages bounced emails, while allowing for temporary delivery problems
  • Single-click removal of subscribers who have generated multiple bounce-backs and are flagged as failed
  • Email attachments can be securely stored in directories not accessible by the public

Subscriber Management

There are a number of powerful subscriber management features in Contactor Elite™ which make the task of analyzing, administering and cleaning your subscriber lists much easier.

Some of the other features include..

  • Automatically unsubscribes someone from one autoresponder when they subscribe to another.
  • Your autoresponder list shows breakdown of subscriber status - active, failed, finished.
  • Flexible options for managing a subscriber when they have finished their sequence - move to another, restart sequence etc.
  • Subscribers can (optionally) request the next message in sequence without having to wait. It will be delivered instantly.
  • Group editing allows many subscribers settings to be changed simultaneously.
  • All "Group" tasks show the number of subscribers that will be affected.
  • Give your subscribers the option to self-edit their subscription details.
  • Quick-find facility to locate a subscriber with only part of their email address or name.
  • Paste a list of email addresses to be removed.
  • Importing and exporting of CSV text files makes Contactor Elite™ compatible information held in most other software (e.g. Excel).
  • A central Opt-out list will keep all users' subscribers database in line with Can-Spam requirements

No Monthly Fees ! Just one easy payment

The beauty of Contactor Elite™ is that you get all of the benefits (and more) of the on-line services for a fraction of the cost. Contactor Elite™ is much lower in overall cost because it is NOT an on-line service.


The support package is managed through our membership site which is where you have access to our ticket system as well as comprehensive documentation in Word and PDF format.

Software Updates

You get 12 Months access to software updates. The updates are easily installed and will enable new features as they are added.


Try the system yourself here in our demonstration area.

We have two logins

  • Administrator Account
    This is where you manage all the user accounts from - Add, Edit and Delete users.
    You can also set quotas and manage the group limits from this account.
  • User Account
    The user account has limits applied depending on which group the user is a member of. Users can be assigned to different groups if you want to change their limits. The limits which can be applied are things like emails per month, ability to import subscribers, export subscribers etc.

To login as the administrator use Login Name: admin and password: admin

To login to the user account use Login name: demo and password: demo

Login to demonstration system now by clicking the link below...

-> Click Here for Contactor Elite™ Demo <-

System Requirements

Contactor Elite™ requires a web site on either a vps web server or a dedicated web server. cPanel Brand Control Panel is also required. Your web hosting provider will be able to provide you with information on what software is on your web site. If not then we will be happy to check if your system is compatible.


  • Web site
  • At least 20MB Hard Disk Space


  • Linux Operating System
  • MySQL Database
  • PHP Version V4.4.0 or later
  • PHP Safe Mode off
  • PHP Dynamic Loading enabled or IonCube or Zend Optimizer Loaded
  • PHP File uploading enabled
  • PHP FSockOpen Function
  • cPanel Brand Control Panel

Our Guarantee

Take comfort in our 100%, 30 day guarantee which will ensure that if you are not completely satisfied with Contactor Elite™ within 30 days then we will give you a full refund.

Bob Westbury

Bob Westbury,
Creator of Contactor Elite™

Bonus 1 - Value $75.00

We are giving 12 Months FREE Support as well as well as 12 Months FREE Upgrades with every purchase of Contactor Elite™.

Bonus 2 - Value $50.00

For a limited time only we are offering FREE professional installation onto your web site.

Contactor Elite™
Contact & Support

Buying Contactor Elite has been one of the best business decisions we've made.

We save over $100.00 per month using your system, and our deliverability rates have gone up dramatically.

It's been extremely easy to use. We absolutely love it!

- Mr. G. Garnes

The Contactor Elite system is simply the most feature packed autoresponder system I have ever seen. 

The value for the money is truly incredible and I highly recommend it to anybody looking to set up multiple autoresponder accounts for any reason.

...I give this 5 out of 5 stars, and applaud the team for making this available!

- Mr. D. Jasura

In building turn-key internet marketing systems for my target market - real estate investors and stock/options/futures traders - I needed a stable, versatile, multi-user sequential autoresponder system.

Contactor Elite was precisely what I needed, and much more. 

With powerful built-in email capabilities, custom field capabilities, complete message customization features, Habeas integration and many other features, I was able to offer my clients a truly powerful email marketing solution.  And the support and assistance I've received whenever I've had questions has been unparalleled, with my questions frequently answered within an hour. 

I've been very happy with my decision to use Contactor Elite, and you will be too.

- Mr. B. Ellis

I've been using Contactor Elite for a couple of days now. I have to say, I'm very pleased. It's very simple to use and the help file is refreshingly helpful!

I already have a couple of users and can see how this system will soon pay for itself.

Excellent software, I'm getting rave reviews from my business partners!
Shortly, I'll be able to cancel my subscriptions to the third-party services I have been using.

Thanks again, and keep up the excellent work.

- Mr. G. Curtis

Being a full time and successful network marketer for the last 16 years , I have experimented with several autoresponder software programs in the past.

I have come to the conclusion, that nothing comes close to Contactor Elite for my own use and also to support my team members.

Not only is it great software, but the customer support is second to none and are continually improving the software and adding exciting functionality.

- Mr. D. Jumper

We are always pleased to hear from Contactor Elite™ customers and your success stories. If you would like to tell us yours then click here.